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This story was inspired by the real-life experiences of Ben Innes observing his friends, the pelicans, out the back of ‘The Boatshed,’ which has been the family business since 1954. The Fisher Birds highlights the fishing adventures of pelican pals Slim and Tim in search of the best fish for the local fish shop. I.B. Gumnut’s unique style of rhyming and rhythmic words are brought to life by the distinct and imaginative illustrations of his son, Joe Innes.

The Boatshed is an iconic fish and chips stop in Batemans Bay. Many people have commented over the years that it is hard to imagine ‘the Bay’ without The Boatshed! As a major feature of the waterfront, overlooking the Clyde River and out to the Pacific Ocean, this is where many an Innes trawling boat has ventured from in search of fresh fish…just like Slim and Tim did in The Fisher Birds. It’s wonderful to see The Boatshed captured in a story that will capture the hearts and minds of people of all ages, especially the locals and those with fond memories of holidaying in Batemans Bay. The Fisher Birds is the latest release–check it out now!

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More About The Fisher Birds

The Story Behind The Fisher Birds
“The ‘Boatshed’ has been in my family since 1954… The ‘Boatshed’ is more than just a business, it has been a wonderful place that hundreds, if not thousands have passed through to work, socialise and be part of a big family.
I was asked to write a story of the shop, and at the time I was working in a small room out the back with my friends… The Pelicans! ‘So why not?’ Rather than write something and possibly forget someone… The pelicans became the characters. Happy reading!”
– I.B. Gumnut
This heart-felt, ryhming picture book is extremely well-loved by little ones; pre-schoolers, kindergarten kids and elementary / primary school aged readers espescially!

Characters In The Fisher Birds

Slim and Tim
“Tim, he was the captain. He wore the captain’s hat. Slim, he was the deckhand and was very good at that.”
These two pelicans love to catch fish to feed their family and customers at their fish and chip shop, using their inherited expertise passed down over generations.

The Shore Crew
“And in the shop was Grandma, Kerol, Karly, Pauline, Cath and Kim; Serving all the seabirds that to the shop came in.”
When Slim and Tim’s work is done, it’s up to this bunch to serve out their delicious catches in the Fish & Chip Shop.

Sea Creatures
“The sharks would come from underneath, the seabirds from up high. The seals they would follow, eating all that passed them by.”
The sea creatures featuring in The Fisher Birds show off some of the characters that fisher’s of the ocean encounter regularly, especially when it’s time to haul in the nets!

A Family Effort – Celebrating the Innes’ Family’s ‘Boatshed’
The children’s book is a rhyming story, expressing Australian culture in scenes around the iconic Innes Boatshed. Ben said the book quickly evolved into something special with Mace and Joe’s input.
Image above featuring: Mace Innes (graphic designer), Ben Innes (author, AKA I.B. Gumnut) and Joe Innes (illustrator).

About I.B. Gumnut

I.B. Gumnut A.K.A. Ben Innes
Ben Innes grew up around his family’s fishing business in the small coastal town of Batemans Bay in NSW, Australia. After dedicating 30 years to commercial fishing, Ben felt drawn to capture the stories he had within; inspired by the landscapes, animals, people and places he encountered around his beautiful coastal home and travels around Australia.

I.B. Gumnut is dedicated to creating quintessentially Australian stories to be enjoyed by the young and young at heart.

Stories inspired by Australia in all it’s beauty
Illustrated by upcoming Australian artists
Loved by children and adults alike

I.B. Gumnut’s inspiration from classic Australian bush poets and authors such as Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson, can be seen in his humorous, down-to-earth, rhyming style of writing. And just like those great Aussie writers, I.B. Gumnut’s stories feature traditional wisdom, values, and life lessons. The result is stories that will be read again and again.

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