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Welcome to Gumnut Entertainment, where you’ll find colourful, humorous, rhyming Australian stories for kids.

Gumnut Entertainment publishes Stories from Down Under by I.B. Gumnut, featuring Australian landscapes, animals and characters. These stories are written in an ‘Australiana’ style, to engage and entertain the young and the young at heart, with a sweet lesson and a quirky twist to every story.

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Beautiful, illustrated stories for kids

NEW! Bella

Inspired by sugar glider encounters in the Australian bush, Bella tells the story of a brave little possum with BIG dreams in her head!

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Complete Collection

A collection of seven unique, colourfully illustrated titles by acclaimed Australian children’s book author I.B. Gumnut.

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The Fisher Birds

The Fisher Birds highlights the fishing adventures of pelican pals Slim and Tim in search of the best fish for the local fish shop.

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Mad Dogs

Mad Dogs is an Australian outback story about two mischievous dogs who, when their work is done, decide to have some motorbike fun!

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Daniel’s Push Bike

Daniel, a young man, has built a push bike to ride in the sea. He has a longing to see his father who lives on the far side of an ocean.

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The Haunted House

The inspiration for this story came from a wonderful house that I had the pleasure of living in for several years.

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Mad Dogs 2

Mad Dogs 2 is set in the Australian outback. On a sheep station, the farmer is away on business.

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The Escape

The Escape is the story of a family of Gibbons who, when given the chance, take Keeper Kate’s coat which has in the pockets the keys to the Zoo gates.

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The Storm

Set in the Australian tropics this is a story about the adventures of a baby bat who experiences a cyclone alone!

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