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4 Out of 4 Stars For The Haunted House ⭐⭐⭐⭐

By 01/12/2021December 4th, 2021News

The Haunted House has received a 4 out of 4 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on the Online Book Club! Whilst recently featuring as the Online Book Club’s Book of the Day, The Haunted House received glowing reviews and comments. We’re so grategul to the Online Book Club community for all their support 🙂
Check out the official review below:

[Following is an official review of “The Haunted House” by IB Gumnut.]

4 out of 4 stars

Children are frightened by mystical beings. But sometimes, it can be a source of fun for them. The Haunted House was written by I. B. Gumnut. The author’s story of a haunted house inspired this children’s book.

Some kids were afraid of a certain house because they believed a ghost haunted it. In the house, there was a mouse who was responsible for this continuous terrifying experience. But Mary was bold, and she would discover whether it was a ghost or a mere trick.

I believe the illustrator did an excellent job by aiding the interpretation of the story. In other words, the pictures were necessary, as they explained the story. Virtual learners will rightly enjoy this book.

The positive thing about this novel was that it was written in a poetic style. I enjoyed the style of communication used by the writer. An instance was where the writer said, “An ancient piano would tinkle a tune on the night of a full and rising moon a stack of pots would come crashing down.”

What I liked most was that the book has two sides. The writer was inspired to create this story. Hence, the author revealed the fun aspect of the story and the scary part of the story. Therefore, children will likely have mixed feelings about the book. I enjoyed this aspect because it created some tension and kept me anticipating what the end will be.

The novel was not predictable, as there were some elements of suspense in the whole story. I desired to see what will eventually happen between the fearful kids and the scary ghost. This attribute will make readers very anxious.

I did not see anything I disliked about the story. Likewise, nothing was negative about the book. The book was exceptionally well edited. No error was found. Therefore, I rate this book four out of four stars. I recommend this novel to children whose attention is easily attached to suspenseful moonlight stories. Children between ages three to five will also enjoy it.

The Haunted House

Along with this amazing review, we also received heaps more!
Heres a few of our favourites:

“Children at some point need to learn how to face their fears and this book provides a fantastic way to teach them. The illustrations are eye-catching and the story is beautifully poetic, too. Congrats on BOTD!”
– Jaym

“This is a fun and spooky children’s book. It is great that the plot is unpredictable. I am sure kids will enjoy this”
– Prathna

“The Haunted House by IB Gumnut is such a fascinating write-up for kids. These kinds of tales are often enjoyable to listen to. Such stories contribute to the growth of a child especially on their levels of comprehension and creativity.”
– Jose Josphat

“I love that this book is well illustrated and that the story has two sides, one which reveals the fun aspect and the other side revealing the scary part of the story.”
– Lynda Howard

This book could help kids with fear. It’ll entertain and show them that you might be scared of something but when you see it for what it really is fear will no longer hold you back. It’s a unique book.”
– Reema

“The good thing about this book is that it will make children familiar with mythical beings while they are having fun. A poetic story that children will enjoy”
– Shivansh

“The author has successfully included the elements that adults hope to find in a children’s book. The age-appropriate illustrations and vocabulary are a plus. The tension created by the surprise ending will keep children intrigued.”
– Kdstrack