The Haunted House (Digital)


The ghost that appears in the window of the house high on the hill makes everyone believe it is haunted…but things are not what they seem. This clever story has the potential to help children alleviate their fears, as it is told in a way that reminds us that sometimes our imaginations get the better of us, and there’s nothing to be scared of after all. If we knew exactly what was going on in the house, we would be amused not afraid!

The vision for I.B. Gumnut’s third book came from a wonderful, century-old house that he lived in for several years. Ben’s children believed the house was haunted and they would never stay there alone! This story was created after Ben took a very early morning walk while the moon was still shining. With the mist shrouding the house and underneath the moonlight, Ben admitted it did look haunted. And so, came those first words, “High on a hill overlooking the sea, stood a haunted house, as old as could be.”

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