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Meet Bella!

By 04/12/2021Books, News

This adventurous young sugar glider will star in her own book soon 🙂

Have a sneak peek at her development from the above image,
and check out the first page from her upcoming book below:

Bella was a sugar glider
She jumped from tree to tree
She loved her grey gum forest
Her life was young and free.

It was on a cold and windy night
Through a star filled midnight sky
When Bella noticed a special leaf
As it went floating by.

So Bella chased the gumleaf
She chased from tree to tree
and when she finally caught it
There were words for her to see.

We’re creating this book right now! Keep an eye on our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) and our blog (‘Articles‘ on our website) to see this beautiful story unfold 🙂