Mad Dogs (Hard Copy)


Mad Dogs is an Australian outback story about two mischievous dogs who, when their work is done, decide to have some motorbike fun!

The inspiration for this story came about from a beautiful little red dog, Lady, who belonged to Ben’s daughter, Rachel. Lady would ride on the front of the motorbike with Ben and she would show signs of frustration at his riding ability. He says, “She would often give me a look of disapproval at my slow speed, as if to say that she felt I could do much better.” And so, the story of Mad Dogs was born as Ben imagined dogs on a farm out west, getting up to mad mischief and farm frolics. He felt that children would relate to the cheeky personalities of Blue and Red dog and find their antics comical… just as he did.

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The author was born in 1960 a trawl fisherman for 30 years father of four beautiful children my children have been the source of wonderful moments and memories most nights we would read a book before lights out. Having retired from fishing the author still rises early and taken to writing to hopefully write humorous entertaining stories for all ages.

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