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The Escape is the story of a family of gibbons who, when given the chance, take Keeper Kate’s coat which has in the pockets the keys to the Zoo gates. Once free from the Zoo the gibbons go on an adventure to try some treats in a nearby village.

Fudge is what the gibbons find to their delight! However, their antics are short lived as the gibbons have Keeper Kate and a great famous Tracker tracking them. Before the gibbons are recaptured, they have time to eat more fudge then they should. This is an escape story with a twist!

The original idea for this story came about as Kate and Ben spent an afternoon at the local pub and observed some men enjoying a drink (or two!). The friends noticed that there were some definite parallels between the rowdy men and the gibbons at the Mogo Zoo! It was I.B. Gumnut’s task to modify the story to be suitable for children, while still capturing the hilarity of the situation. True to his style of writing, I.B. Gumnut featured a couple of local personalities and well-known places of interest, which adds even more layers to this unforgettable tale.

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More About The Escape

An Escape Story With A Twist
This cheekily adventurous picture book teaches kid’s that trouble always catches up with them (especially when keeper Kate and the great famous tracker are on the case)…  And that while, there are consequences for naughty adventures; it’s always best to come home at the end!
Written with pre-scoolers, kindergarten, primary school aged kids AND adults in mind, I.B. Gumnut hopes you enjoy this entertaining tale, full of funny illustrations, mystery and surprise!

Characters In The Escape

The Gibbons
“For all had seen the bike and a coat full of arms and legs, and occasionally revealed some hairy heads.”
These clever primates have the whole town confused, as they pursue their genius plot to secure their treasures (sweets).

Keeper Kate and the Great Famous Tracker
“The great famous tracker and keeper, Kate in tow, set out to track where the primates might go.”
With keeper Kates unique understanding of the gibbon family and the great famous tracker’s refined skills, the monkeys had better be quick to execute their plan!

The Fudge Shop Keeper
“For close to the zoo was a town full of treats, there was ice-cream, fudge, and other nice sweets.”
The poor ol’ shop keeper in the Fudge Store gets entangled in the scheme of some strange, hairy customers!

Following Tracks, Finding Clues and Sharpening Young Minds
The Escape unfolds in a way that allows kids to ‘play detective’ along with the great famous tracker and keeper Kate, as they piece together the mystery of the missing gibbon monkeys. This rhyming childrens book helps kid’s practice their reading skills in an engaging, entertaining way whilst also sharpening their skills of perception and their ability to link relevant information; why not let the kids guess whats happening based on the imagery before reading each page, or have them guess what will happen next?!

About I.B. Gumnut

I.B. Gumnut A.K.A. Ben Innes
Ben Innes grew up around his family’s fishing business in the small coastal town of Batemans Bay in NSW, Australia. After dedicating 30 years to commercial fishing, Ben felt drawn to capture the stories he had within; inspired by the landscapes, animals, people and places he encountered around his beautiful coastal home and travels around Australia.

I.B. Gumnut is dedicated to creating quintessentially Australian stories to be enjoyed by the young and young at heart.

Stories inspired by Australia in all it’s beauty
Illustrated by upcoming Australian artists
Loved by children and adults alike

I.B. Gumnut’s inspiration from classic Australian bush poets and authors such as Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson, can be seen in his humorous, down-to-earth, rhyming style of writing. And just like those great Aussie writers, I.B. Gumnut’s stories feature traditional wisdom, values, and life lessons. The result is stories that will be read again and again.

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