The Haunted House


The ghost that appears in the window of the house high on the hill makes everyone believe it is haunted…but things are not what they seem. This clever story has the potential to help children alleviate their fears, as it is told in a way that reminds us that sometimes our imaginations get the better of us, and there’s nothing to be scared of after all. If we knew exactly what was going on in the house, we would be amused not afraid!

The vision for I.B. Gumnut’s third book came from a wonderful, century-old house that he lived in for several years. Ben’s children believed the house was haunted and they would never stay there alone! This story was created after Ben took a very early morning walk while the moon was still shining. With the mist shrouding the house and underneath the moonlight, Ben admitted it did look haunted. And so, came those first words, “High on a hill overlooking the sea, stood a haunted house, as old as could be.”

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More About The Haunted House

Facing Fears And Finding Friends
What appears at first to be another scary story, can ultimately help to transform kid’s relationships with the unknown; from making irrational assumptions about what they don’t know, to a sense of curiosity and wonder.
There’s layers of lessons in this sweet rhyming picture book, from those addressing the fear of the unknown; to the importance of letting down our guards (or ghosts) every now and then, to let new friends in!

Characters In The Haunted House

Lily The Mouse
“High in the roof, warm and safe, the little mouse made this her special place.”
Lilly loves her spooky house, she knows just how to keep nosy visitors away! As she learns in this story though, not all visitors are so bad, as some new friends come to stay.

The Local Kids
“It was too much for the kids of the town when the ghost of the house started dancing around.”
The kids of the town get a good startling from the house on the hill. But things aren’t quite as they seem in this house, thanks to the genius of a very small mouse.

Mary The Girl
“Then it happened on a cold, wet night; a little girl stood under the only streetlight.”
When Lilly finally meets a kid she can’t scare, it looks like her fortress of fear might be falling! But luckily for Lilly, this tough kid has some tricks and secrets up her sleeve; making her a perfect friend.

A Spooky Story With A Valuable Lesson
Whether your little reader/s love the thrill of a scary story, or have a hard time facing their fears; this childrens story can help bring some light to the spookier parts of life.
This humorous, heart-warming, imaginative tale helps kids to understand that things aren’t always as they seem, whilst also shedding light onto the power of friends and family to make scary spooky nights a bit more fun and comforting; for pre-schoolers, primary school-age kids and the grown-ups who read to them!

About I.B. Gumnut

I.B. Gumnut A.K.A. Ben Innes
Ben Innes grew up around his family’s fishing business in the small coastal town of Batemans Bay in NSW, Australia. After dedicating 30 years to commercial fishing, Ben felt drawn to capture the stories he had within; inspired by the landscapes, animals, people and places he encountered around his beautiful coastal home and travels around Australia.

I.B. Gumnut is dedicated to creating quintessentially Australian stories to be enjoyed by the young and young at heart.

Stories inspired by Australia in all it’s beauty
Illustrated by upcoming Australian artists
Loved by children and adults alike

I.B. Gumnut’s inspiration from classic Australian bush poets and authors such as Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson, can be seen in his humorous, down-to-earth, rhyming style of writing. And just like those great Aussie writers, I.B. Gumnut’s stories feature traditional wisdom, values, and life lessons. The result is stories that will be read again and again.

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