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Meet Ivy

By 12/10/2021Books, News

Ivy is a special character we’ve been developing for a new book. She’s a caring young mermaid who is passionate about keeping our ocean clean.
Check out some of our draft intro passage and some initial sketches to get a little peek into I.B. Gumnut’s process.

“In amongst the big kelp forest on the edge of the huge ocean canyons,
laid an excited young mermaid named Ivy.
She’d just woken up from a restless sleep
and was so thrilled by the changing of seasons coming soon to her world;
a time when the warm currents drifted down
from the north bringing with it all kinds of wonders.
She had some grand plans for today and set off to and her dear friends
the Seahorses to join her in the coming adventures.
She soon found her friends still asleep in their part of the kelp forest,
but they quickly emerged in a cloud of bubbles to greet her.”

Watch this space for more updates as the book comes together 🙂
What do you guys think?