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G’day Mad Dogs Fans!

By 03/04/2018July 4th, 2018Books, News

This is an exciting time, as there is now a second book in production in the Mad Dogs series.

Mad Dogs 2!

I am working with my daughter Rachel, who is helping me to understand the modern social media world.

Mad Dogs is a book depicting an outback scene in Australia.

Now that I have retired from fishing, I will spend more time writing stories for families to read and hopefully enjoy. I often get asked as to where the inspiration comes from.

Well, when I was a fisherman, I would often work long hours and get very tired. This led to sleep deprivation that created dreaming. As to the first story I wrote, ‘Daniel’s Pushbike’, I came home early one morning, after being at sea for a long time. I watched my son the day before, struggling to ride his sisters pushbike. So when I slept, my dreams combined the pushbike and the ocean. “Daniel had a pushbike as fine as fine could be, It had some special adaptations for riding in the sea.”

All my stories have an Australian influence (Stories From Down Under)

The third book, ‘The Haunted House’, was written about a very old house I had the privilege of living in for many years. My kids thought the place to be haunted, which I dismissed. But one morning, very early, I was walking from the river. The moon was up, with mist shrouding the old house, and in this light, Yes, it did look haunted. “High on a hill overlooking the sea, Stood a haunted house as old as could be.”

As for Lady, (My daughter Rachel’s little dog) well she is still looking for a motor bike. Lady was the inspiration for Mad Dogs as she used to ride on the front of a red motorbike with me. She would often give me a look of disapproval at my slow speed and poor riding ability, and I know that she thought she could do much better.

Anyway, please enjoy, tell your friends and have a great day Mate!

I.B. Gumnut

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