The Escape (Digital)


The Escape is the story of a family of gibbons who, when given the chance, take Keeper Kate’s coat which has in the pockets the keys to the Zoo gates. Once free from the Zoo the gibbons go on an adventure to try some treats in a nearby village.

Fudge is what the gibbons find to their delight! However, their antics are short lived as the gibbons have Keeper Kate and a great famous Tracker tracking them. Before the gibbons are recaptured, they have time to eat more fudge then they should. This is an escape story with a twist!

The original idea for this story came about as Kate and Ben spent an afternoon at the local pub and observed some men enjoying a drink (or two!). The friends noticed that there were some definite parallels between the rowdy men and the gibbons at the Mogo Zoo! It was I.B. Gumnut’s task to modify the story to be suitable for children, while still capturing the hilarity of the situation. True to his style of writing, I.B. Gumnut featured a couple of local personalities and well-known places of interest, which adds even more layers to this unforgettable tale.

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