Daniel’s Push Bike (Hard Copy)


Daniel, a young man, has built a push bike to ride in the sea. He has a longing to see his father who lives on the far side of the ocean. His ride turns into a thrilling adventure! I.B. Gumnut’s creativity comes to life in this imaginative story which captures the quest of a lifetime and an ending you won’t forget.

This was the first story written by I.B. Gumnut. It was created after Ben came home early one morning, after being at sea for a long time. He had watched his son days before, struggling to ride his sister’s pushbike. After Ben slept, his dreams combined the pushbike and the ocean. When he awoke, Ben had the opening line of his first-ever book: “Daniel had a pushbike as fine as fine could be, it had some special adaptations for riding in the sea.”

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